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Security System

A residence, an office, or a building certainly must have a good security system to create a safe and orderly environment, consequently that the occupants in it will feel comfortable and awake. In addition to the presence of security officers, various security system tools are also needed to function optimally. the security system in the building is a standard operation that must be applied as a security facility and bring convenience for occupants.

Our Security System Services

Xtend Integrasi Indonesia provide you with our service

CCTV Surveillance

Security systems equipped with CCTV, connect to motion sensors

Time and Attendance System

It helps view how the organization has deployed employees

Burglary Alarm

We Design an updated Burglary Alarm System for your residence or office

Access Control System

Pass the entrance of your house or company only by some security access

Automation Controller

Home Automation Control that fits with today’s life style

Fire Detection

The fire alarm system can automatically triggered by smoke detectors


& Integration

Genuinely, our products andĀ  services not only “simply services” but also an assuranceĀ  of satisfaction and trouble-free surroundings. We are commited to give solution and what’s best for you and we are commited to keep on track

Always There Call Center

Whenever you need us in emergency or maybe just dropping the inquiries fro something that you are unsure about Xtend

24 Hours Costumized Monitoring Solution

The coverage solution we offer rolls to costumize monitoring that you need and we gp for 24 hours

IT Consultant

Xtend Integrasi Indonesia does not only provide services in software and but also plays the role as IT Consultant



Software development is a process of visualizing, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing to support the software. The development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance or any other activities that result in software products.

Our Software & Web Development ServicesĀ 

Xtend Integrasi Indonesia provide you with our service

Web Development

Designing the responsive

Software Development

Presenting the platform of software

Software Maintenance

The software maintenance offer

Professional Design

Presenting an innovative and creative professional design


& Installation

Xtend Integrasi Indonesia holds the current products and services aspecially in integrated security system devices.

Our Hardware & Installation Services

Our Hardware & Installation Services Include :

CCTV Installation

Provides CCTV camera as fit for indoor and outdoor

ICT Infrastructure

We give you the ICT infrastructure

IT Hardware Supplier

Xtend holds the current product

Security System Infrastructure

An security insfrastructure