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TSF building security monitoring and controlling system is constant building monitoring system to manage security and speed in handling issues. a unique way of monitoring. Get it all done with TSF.





Admin Web

For the purposes of analysis, monitoring, task management, rule establishment, and information broadcasting.

Amployee App

For Employee communication
and complaint

Guard App

For the management of tasks related to patrolling, handling complaints, and facilitating communication.

Improving Monitoring, Advance In Controlling.

Marpokat provides a comprehensive solution for users to efficiently book meeting rooms, send invitations, make meeting notes, and assign roles. This tool streamlines the entire meeting process, promoting effective communication and organization within your organization or team.

With Marpokat at your disposal, you can effortlessly manage your meeting room bookings, ensuring that the right space is reserved at the right time, minimizing scheduling conflicts, and optimizing resource utilization. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it a breeze to coordinate meetings, providing a hassle-free experience for both organizers and attendees.


Web App

Web Application for Management Control of Schedule, Room Management & Review

Mobile App

Mobile Application for Real Time Meeting Management & Communication

Empower Your Meetings, Elevate Your Business!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with a mobile application that offers a range of powerful features to streamline various aspects of your business operations. Our ERP system combines seamless functionality with cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Geofence-Based Attendance

User-Friendly Mobile App


Actionable Data Analytics


An innovative and modern approach has been expanded through many systems and innovations in the current working environment. For that moment, Human Resources is the most valuable asset to manage in the company, especially the operative employees who are instructed on fieldwork or as a form of service from the company.

ATAC offers enhanced features with many values and concept implemented in the system that gives exclusive experiences in growing your company. To expand, ATAC stands for Assign, Track, Attend, and Control. This function is used to manage workers in carrying out their duties to better outcomes and goals. This application is integrated into an advanced Human resource management and monitoring system.


Through this function, employees will obtain information from the ATAC application that has been installed on their smartphone about the detail of the task.


Assists Engineers to get information about customer's location and the fastest route to that location. And allows manager to monitor Engineers on duty in real time.


By using ATAC, manager can find out the availability and presence of his Engineers outside the office, by looking at the Active / Inactive indicators and allows manager to detect position of the Engineer or view the Engineers’ activity.


The main function of this application is control job performance of outside Engi- neers ,in which manager may view all tasks which have not been handled, what is being processed Other than that, this application will helpwhat has been completed.

Monitoring without border


Enhances the security and communication in your community with features like panic button, estate management, payment gateway, Intercom Call, pre–Visitor Registration and many more.

In leading a superior standard of living, Genie Resi exists to grant an excellent quality service to assist a fully modern management system for residency. Genuinely, our product definitely provides not only “simple services”, but also an assurance of satisfaction and trouble-free surroundings.

Integrated Hardware


Endance records, agendas, meeting schedules, and follow-up can be done online and mobile.

E- Disposisi

Electronic archive application. With this application, all disposition and archive activities can be carried out through mobile device.

Travel Agency

Travel the world.
Find, save, and share the perfect place to stay, all from your phone.
Check your itinerary, communicate with your host, and locate your listing on the go.

Information Tourism

Smart destination management based on big data insights.
We make it fast, easy, and affordable for tourist destinations and attractions.

Intelligent Queue System

Provide Ability to Make Appointments anytime/Anywhere, Reduce Waiting Time Provide a Means to View The Status of their Appointment from Anywhere Meaningful reports of Trends in Service Timings.

Transaction Video System

  • Detection
  • Interpretation
  • Gap Closure

Video management system and task management or communication with artificial intelligence operability.